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Male Extra Review 2020 – Male Enhancement Pills That Work

Male Extra ReviewMale Extra is one of the most popular natural male enhancement pills well-known for improving blood flow to the penis for harder, bigger, and longer erections. The product has a powerful formula that uses completely natural ingredients.

The extra male ingredients are famous for improving sexual health and sexual performance. Every ingredient of the formula works perfectly alone too, but when they are combined together, the effects are boosted to an extreme level. The aim of manufacturing male extra was to create a natural, safe, and effective formula for sexual health. Let’s take a look at the male extra review to reveal the benefits, ingredients, side effects, prices, and user reviews.

Male Extra Review 2020

Male Extra Price & Package Deal

IMAGE PRODUCT Benefits Price
male extra one month supple price
Male Extra – One Month Supply
  • Savings: $27.00
  • Best For Erectile Dysfunction
  • 60 Days Money-Back Guarantee
  • No Known Side Effects
  • Male Extra Ingredients
  • The Unique Male Extra Formulation
  • Male Potency Problem
Discount & Retail Price
Male Extra Review 2019
Male Extra – Three Months Supply
  • 1 FREE Erection Gel
  • Savings: $187.00
  • Increase Penis Size
  • Enhance Sexual Drive
  • Improves Erection Quality
  • Available Without Prescription
  • Help You Stay in Power
  • Natural Ingredients
Discount & Retail Price
Male Extra Reviews
Male Extra – Six Months Supply
  • 2 FREE Erection Gel
  • Savings: $318.00
  • Safe and Natural, Proven Ingredients
  • Increase Blood Flow To Your Penis
  • Enjoy Bigger, Stronger, Harder Erections
  • Be a Winner In The Bedroom
  • Fast & Free Shipping
Discount & Retail Price

Male Extra Review 2019

Male Extra ReviewIt is a libido and penis improving supplement, which primarily enhances the flow of blood to the penis for better erection and stamina.

Male extra has been in the business since 2009. Wolfson Berg Limited, a popular health supplement manufacturer, is producing male extra supplement. The supplement maker claims the harder and bigger erections, intense orgasms, increased sexual performance, and bigger ejaculations. Some of the benefits of Male Extra are:

  • Best For Erectile Dysfunction
  • 60 Days Money-Back Guarantee
  • No Known Side Effects
  • Male Extra Ingredients
  • The Unique Male Extra Formulation
  • Male Potency Problem
  • Increase Penis Size
  • Enhance Sexual Drive
  • Improves Erection Quality
  • Available Without Prescription
  • Help You Stay in Power
  • Natural Ingredients

Niacin and Pomegranate are the main ingredients of this powerful supplement. It includes a huge 500mg of pure Pomegranate 40% ellagic daily serving. Niacin aids in maintaining normal mucous membranes and helps to reduce tiredness and fatigue, which gives you more stamina. Pomegranate and Niacin have the following effects on your penis.

  • Improves Erection Hardness
  • Increase Stamina
  • Boost’s Sex Drive
  • Helps With Erectile Difficulties
  • Improves Erection Hardness
  • Increase Stamina
  • Boost’s Sex Drive
  • Helps With Erectile Difficulties

How Male Extra Works?

Male Extra Review 2020Male Extra works by improving the levels of nitric oxide in the blood. It enhances the blood circulation and blood flow to the penis. The L-Arginine and pomegranate extracts in male extra increase the nitric oxide level in the body to expand the blood vessels in the corpora cavernosa are of the penis. It results in a strong erection and a larger penis.

The 12 ingredients of the male extra combine to boost sexual performance effectively. All the ingredients of male extra are 100% natural and safe that improves blood flow to the penis for best performance. Let’s take a look at the ingredients of the male extra.

Male Extra Ingredients

Pomegranate Extracts

Male ExtraIt is popular for its plethora of benefits. Above all, pomegranate extracts also prevent prostate cancer and some other types of cancer. It helps to decrease cholesterol levels, and blood pressure boosts immunity and reduces Alzheimer’s disease.

Pomegranate extracts help to manage weight, control diabetes and boost the workout recovery process. Another benefit of this fruit extract that it is useful for relieving erectile dysfunction symptoms by directly affecting nitric acid. It not only promotes nitric oxide level but also improve its functions. Nitric oxide is vital to retain the best erection, which instantly enhances your bed performance.

Muira Puama

This ingredient is famous for promoting the male sexual drive. The natural herb is beneficial and an ideal addition to the male extra formula.


This essential amino acid is famous for assisting weak cells in the body and has been used in many bodybuilding supplements. L-arginine produces nitric oxide because it breaks down in the body near the male organ. Nitric oxide provides the body with a top-notch flow to the primary three chambers for long-lasting erections. The erection effects are maximized when combined with the pomegranate extract. L-arginine works as a nitric production precursor.

Epimedium Sagitatum

This naturally occurring herb acts just like a powerful Viagra. You may know it as a “horny goat weed.”

Methyl Sulfonyl Methane

This ingredient helps other fellow ingredients in the entire health of the penile. Methyl Sulfonyl Methane improves the blood flow to the penis.


This Fatty acid contains Omega 3’s and 6’s that are vital for sexual health.

Tongkat Ali

This native plant is also known as an Asian Viagra. The plant is used to treat erectile dysfunction, enhance libido and sexual performance.


It is an amino acid that provides your body with extra energy. The body needs lots of power when it is engaged in sex.


Zinc is present in every health supplement, and when it comes to supplements like the male extra, zinc can be beneficial. Do you know every man loses about 5mg of zinc per ejaculation? The addition of zinc in male extra ensures to get back the lost amount of zinc. The mineral is also useful to sperm quality and health.


This native plant is found in Peru. It is famous for improving libido and sex drive. This herbal plant also enhances the sperm count.

Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Omega 3’s is one of the most essential acids for overall health. The body can’t prepare it inside the Skeleton. It is necessary to get it from supplements.


They are an adaptogen that provides the entire anatomy a real advantage.

Pros & Cons of Male Extra

[i2pc][i2pros] Boost Nitric Oxide Levels In The Body
Improve Energy Levels
Enhanced Libido And Performance
Harder, Bigger And More Intense Erections
Last Longer In Bed
Made From Natural Ingredients To Avoid Side Effects
Powerful Results
Proven Formula
Money-Back Guarantee (60-days Guarantee)
Free From Side Effects Like Heart Palpitations, Cardiac Arrest

[/i2pros] [i2cons] Results Start To Begin In Few Days Or Couple Of Weeks
Available At Official Male Extra Website
Results Take Some Time To Provide Perfect Results (3-6 Months)
Results May Vary From Person To Person


Side Effects of Male Extra


If you are suffering from the following conditions, then Male Extra is not for you. It is necessary to consult your doctor before using a male extra.

  • Cardiac Issues
  • Diabetes
  • Stomach Cramping
  • Blood Pressure
  • Hypertension
  • Nausea

Though male extra is approved by the US Food and Drug Administration, still, it is important to consult your physician before using male extra.

How to Take Male Extra

Male extra is a supplement designed for daily usage. It is recommended to take 3 capsules per day. A male extra container has 30 pills, which last for 10 days when used properly. Take it with your every meal starting with breakfast. If you miss the dose, you are going to miss the real results.

Where to Buy Male Extra?

If you are first-timer, we recommend you to buy 1 bottle. This male enhancement supplement is available for sale only at the Official MaleExtra website. You can’t buy it from GNC, Amazon, or Walmart.

Should I Buy Male Extra?

Male Extra is different from other male enhancing supplements. It is a medically backed up supplement made to improve the sexual health and performance of men.

You get a money-back guarantee for 2 months which means you can get back your money if you are not satisfied with making extra results.

Retail & Discount Price

We all know that steroids are very expensive. Legal steroid alternatives are not cheaper at all. But there are always some package deals loaded with special discounts. Here is D-Bal Max price with package deals.

One Month Package Four Month Package Six Month Package
1 Month Supply With No Free Erection Gel 4 Months Supply with 1 Free Erection Gel 6 Months Supply with 2 Free Erection Gel

The choice is yours whether you want to go for a month, 4 months or 6 months supply. You can save on your favorite package deal.

Male Extra User Reviews

Richard ClarkeRobert LewisJustin
I was seriously suffering from erectile dysfunction and my relations were in very bad condition. I used the male extra for about 5 months and found amazing results. My penis health and size improved, the erectile dysfunction perished and I am now lasting more time than I ever imagined. I am now in complete control of my sexual satisfaction.
I have been using Male Extra for a while. My problem was getting up and others like that. While searching for male enhancement supplements, I came across After a male extra review, I decided to give it a try. To be honest, I was not expecting much of it as I had tried many male enhancement supplements. But amazingly, results were appearing gradually and steadily. My stamina, energy, and erections got better day by day. I didn’t suffer any side effects which are common with most male enhancement supplements like Viagra. My partner is more than satisfied with my bed performance. I highly recommend it for long and hard erections with additional stamina and energy.
I am hitting my 40’s and just like every average man tried everything to enhance my performance. After using male extra, I haven’t tried any male enhancement supplement. Not only I am lasting more time at bed but also my penis size improves to 1.5 inches during erection. Highly recommend this 100% natural male enhancement supplement.

Male Extra – Frequently Asked Question – FAQ

Who is Male Extra?
Male Extra is an established company producing natural and safe health supplements for the last 15 years. The dedicated customer service is available 24/7 to help the customers about the products.
Is There Any Money Back Guarantee?
Yes, male extra offers 60 days money back guarantee. You can buy male extra with a confidence of getting your money back. If you are not satisfied with the results, return the remaining Male Extra capsules with original packing within 60 days of delivery to claim your refund, excluding shipping charges.
Is there any Privacy if a user doesn’t want to reveal what is ordered? Your privacy is the prime concern of the company. The order is delivered in completely discreet packaging. No one will know what you have ordered.
Can I use Male Extra With Other Medications?
Although Male Extra is made from natural and safe ingredients, you must check with your doctor if you are using any medications to see whether Male Extra is suitable for you or not.
What Are The Side Effects of Male Extra?
There are no side effects reported by Male Extra users.
What Are The Ingredients of Male Extra?

The ingredients of Male Extra are

  • Pomegranate 40% Ellagic Acid
  • L-arginine
  • MSM (methyl sulfonyl methane)
  • L-Methionie
  • Zinc
  • Niacin (vitamin B3)
  • Cordyceps

All Male Extra ingredients are natural, safe and effective.

How Long the Male Extra Results Last?
The Male Extra is designed to improve the blood flow to your penis for harder, bigger and long-lasting erections and boost your sex drive. You will only get benefits when you keep using Male Extra pills.
How Long Does The Result Take Time?
Results are different in different people. Many Male Extra users reviewed that they have improved their erect penis size of about 0.8 to 2.8 inches in a 3-6 months period. Results usually start to appear in the first few weeks of using Male Extra. Taking Male Extra daily ensures the best results. The longer you use Male Extra, the better results you will get.
How to Use Male Extra?
Take three Male Extra capsules daily with your breakfast or another meal to enjoy harder, bigger erections and super-charge your sex-life
Is Male Extra Suitable For A Senior Citizen?
Male Extra is suitable for men of all ages. Senior citizens can safely use Male Extra to improve their sexual function. In case you are taking any medication or suffering a health problem, it is wise to consult with your doctor before using Male Extra.
How Quickly The Order is Delivered?
All orders are packaged and dispatched with 24-48 hours. You will receive a tracking number, and the order will be shipped in plain discreet packaging. Here are the delivery timings in different countries.
United Kingdom United States Europe Australia, Canada, and other Countries
1 Day on Order Placed Before 1:00PM  BST 3-7 Days 3-10 Working Days 5-15 Working Days


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