Chamomile Tea Benefits for Health

Chamomile Tea Benefits for Health, Glowing Skin and Hair

Chamomile Tea Benefits for HealthChamomile tea, made from natural chamomile flower is also known as “Babune ka Phul” in Hindi. The chamomile tea benefits have been famous for a long time due to its beauty and medicinal benefits. Chamomile flowers are a daisy in appearance with its lovely white petals, yellow disc florets, and strong aroma. This lovely flower is commonly found in Asia, North America, Europe, and Australia and blossoms during early summers. The chamomile tea has a golden colour with a delightful fruity flavour.

This natural herbal remedy has numerous health benefits for disorders. For instance mouth ulcers, stomach, and intestinal disorders, insomnia, anxiety, Chamomile Tea Benefits for Health, Skin and Hair and so many others. Moreover, chamomile is excellent in benefits for beauty and skincare. Here are some of the best chamomile tea benefits for overall health, skin, and hair.

Chamomile Tea Benefits for Health

  • Chamomile tea is perfect for its muscle relaxing properties. It gives relief from menstrual cramps by relaxing uterus muscles. By increasing glycine, chamomile decreases muscle spasms. Using it properly can relieve you from stomach cramps in menstrual cycles. But excessive use can lead to stomach problems too. A cup of chamomile tea can relieve the fair amount of stress after a hard day’s work.
  • People suffering from stomach ulcers can smooth down their pains by taking chamomile on a regular basis. It is excellent for stomach stone problems because it ceases the re-formation of stones.
  • Chamomile is ideal for anti-bacterial properties and helps to improve the immune system effectively. Using chamomile in cold and cough helps to recuperate from it faster.
  • Chamomile tea effectively controls blood sugar level and also aids to control diabetes mellitus symptoms. A physician can prescribe the proper dosage of chamomile tea for maximum benefits.
  • It works best to reduce gas formation in the body. Chamomile tea helps to get rid of irritable bowel syndrome and heartburn.
  • One of the most effective properties of chamomile tea is that it relieves migraines and other headaches.
  • Chamomile tea is naturally sedative in nature. If you are suffering from sleepless, then taking chamomile tea regularly can help you to get sound sleep and relieve sleep troubles.

Chamomile Tea Benefits for Skin

  • Chamomile tea is naturally gifted with antioxidant, healing, moisturizing and cleansing properties. It is known as a full fledge skincare treatment.
  • Chamomile tea boosts up the healing process of minor injuries and also helps to disinfect them.
  • Being ideal natural skin bleach, the tea lightens skin complexion and provide healthy glow naturally.
  • It is very helpful for decreasing sunburns and skin irritations.
  • Being a powerful antioxidant, it helps to fight breakouts and acne. It is also very useful to eliminate acne scars.
  • Chamomile defends skin from radical damages which known as a prime, premature ageing factor. In other words, we can say that it aids to retain youthful body for a long time.
  • It reduces eye puffiness and under-eye dark circles when placed cool down in tea bags.
  • Blending it with powdered milk provides an ideal facial and body scrub. It sloughs off the dry and dead skin cells to reveal underlying new cells.
  • Regular use of chamomile tea moisturizes and nourishes the skin from deep inside.
  • It is an ideal hair lightener that brightens up the blond hair rapidly. Using it as a final hair rinse can prominently add fabulous shining golden light to your brown hair.
  • Chamomile tea prevents and eliminates dandruff and also soothes the irritated scalp. Also, check the best 23 fruits for glowing skin.

Teas with Medicinal Benefits

Here are some best teas with various medicinal benefits.

Most people drink tea only to enjoy the flavour but very few use it for mood and health benefits. Some of them use it for weight loss while others to elevate their mood. But tea can be used for medicinal purposes also. One can easily find abundant tea brands on the market with various tastes and purposes. In this short article about tea, I am going to unveil the benefits of different teas for health.

Green Tea

  • Green tea is one of the most beneficial tea for human health. Fitness lovers use it to improve metabolism in order to get rid of excess body fat.
  • Green prevents stroke, weight gain and slow metabolism.
  • Being antioxidant in nature, it may interfere with bladder growth, lung, breast, pancreatic, stomach and colorectal cancers.
  • It also prevents from clogging of arteries and aids in heart and cardiovascular problems by increasing cholesterol.
  • Green tea contains fluoride content that prevents tooth decay.
  • It is also very effective to reduce neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases.

Black Tea

  • Black tea helps to preserve from lungs damage which is mostly caused by cigarette smoke.
  • Works best to minimize stroke risk.
  • It contains theophylline that improves blood flow in capillaries and aids to maintain normal blood pressure.
  • Black is an Ideal tea for people suffering from the asthmatic problem as it expands the airways thus make breathing easier.

Chaga Tea

  • It helps to strengthen and boost the immune system.
  • Lower the risk of a few cancer diseases such as stomach, breast, uterus, and liver.
  • Increase energy levels and stamina.
  • Prevent stomach diseases and helps digestion.

Pu-erh Tea

  • Lower cholesterol levels, improve blood flow and circulation.
  • Very useful for food digestion.
  • Being an antioxidant in nature, Pu-erh tea removes toxins from the bloodstream.
  • Increase the functioning of the spleen.

White Tea

  • Contains powerful anti-cancer properties.
  • Works best to lower high blood pressure and maintaining it normally.
  • Improves arteries function by thinning the blood.
  • Reduces cholesterol level in the body.
  • Protects the heart and circulatory system.
  • It contains fluoride and few nutrients that keep teeth healthy and strong.
  • Slay bacteria that cause bad breath, tooth decay and plaque.
  • Prevents bacterial infections and promotes the healthy immune system.

Hibiscus Tea

  • Reduces blood pressure.
  • Keeps atherosclerosis in check by lowering cholesterol.

Oolong Tea

  • Decreases cholesterol level in the body
  • Ideal for weight loss
  • Maintains blood sugar level in diabetic people

Rooibos Tea

  • Contains anti-cancer properties
  • Controls cholesterol and high blood pressure
  • Regenerates liver tissues
  • Reduce gastrointestinal distress and cramps.

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