How to Lose Weight After 40

How to Lose Weight After 40 – Weight Loss Tips

How to Lose Weight After 40When we reach the late 30s, our body naturally gains weight very easily. Losing weight after 40 is very difficult but not impossible. That’s why most people search for how to lose weight after 40. Also, check the best cutting stack by Crazy Bulk for quick weight loss and lean muscle. Changing eating habits, activity levels, hormones, and how the body stores fat can play a vital role. But a few simple and effective ways can help you to lose weight after 40. Let’s take a look at some best ways for how to lose weight after 40.

Guide To Lose Weight After 40

Eat Fruits and Veggies

Fill half plate with fruits and veggies at every meal. These foods have less fat and calories with more nutrients than grains, dairy products, or meat. Even if you eat less, you will still feel satisfied. Fresh fruits such as berries and apples are the best replacement for high sugar or high-fat snacks.

Never Skip Breakfast

A healthy breakfast such as whole-wheat toast or oatmeal with fruit is best for weight loss. IT prevents you from overeating at lunch by curbing the mid-morning hunger. Snacks or small meals every few hours can help to maintain appetite in check all day long.

Be Gentle at Dinner

Consuming most calories at lunch can help you lose weight effectively. If you are eating heavy meals at dinner, you are going to end up with weight gain. So, be gentle at dinner and eat less at night. So goodbye to late-night hunger and don’t eat after dinner.

Prepare Healthy Meals

Extra calories and fat come from the way we prepare food. Don’t fry food or cook in butter or oils. Replace them with broiling, grilling, and baking. Go with the same choice at restaurants. Select grilled foods instead of fried foods with creamy sauces.

Never Make a Second Trip

As we get older, naturally, we become less active. It is essential to cut more calories than you used to lose weight. Smaller portions and calorie tracking with an app or food diary can aid you in eating less.

Pay Attention

When you are busy with kids, work, and life, you usually don’t pay attention to your food. It results in overeating and ever more hunger in a quick time. Pay proper attention to your meals and focus on what you are eating. It helps the brain, realizing when you are full.

Say no to Soda

Don’t drink sugar-sweetened soft drinks, coffee, or energy drinks. Replace them with water or zero-calorie beverages. The sweetened drinks contain tons of added sugar, which leads to weight gain and can cause diabetes.

Say Good-Bye to Alcohol

Alcohol is one of the prime reasons for weight gain and the mother of few life-threating diseases. Do drink alcohol, even if you are young. After 40, if you are prone to drinking, you may gain extra weight and also suffer from serious health problems such as diabetes, liver failure, and kidney failure.


Between family activities, commutes, and desk jobs, most people don’t have the proper time for workouts. But regular exercise is essential not only for your weight but for overall health. A brisk walk or light yard work every week can be the right choice. Swimming, jogging, and cycling are also the best options. Make a proper schedule for your workouts.

Try Muscle Building

Naturally, most people lose muscle after 40. The cause is prevalent in women after menopause. Muscle burns more calories than fat, which can slow down metabolism. Weight lifting, strength training workouts, or bodyweight exercises such as squats and push-ups at least two times a week can be best to maintain and build muscles. Check out the best foods for muscle building.

Don’t Stress

Stress can lead to binge on unhealthy food. It makes it tougher for the body to break down fat. Try deep breathing, yoga, reading good books, going for a walk, or meditation. Remember, stress relief is different for everyone, so try to find the best that suits you.

Get Quality Sleep

Various things can cause sleeplessness after 40, such as stress, health problems, medications, and menopause for women. People who don’t sleep properly gain more weight. Get proper sleep to lose weight. If you are unable to sleep, change your room, habits, and timing.

Have Your Thyroid Checked

If you are exercising correctly and eating healthy but still unable to lose weight, you may have a thyroid problem. The case occurs in only 5% of people, but it is common in people over 60 and in women too. It can also cause muscle or joint pain, depression, and fatigue. So it is wise to check thyroid and treat it appropriately with medications.

Get Support

Many people find it difficult to lose weight alone. If you are one of them, then you can join a weight loss contest, social media group, or ask your best friend for a morning or evening walk or gym classes.

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